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I've finally gotten Erica's shorties all finished up, they're fab! I love the ruffles so much, and the yarn that the customer dyed for them is just lovely for this great weather we're having.

Erica's Shorties with crochet ruffle
Erica's Shorties with crochet ruffle

I've also almost finished up my first skirtie, also my first almost custom (I knocked a bit off as it was my first attempt at the Ladybuz Carnation skirt pattern). Just need to weave in the ends and finish up the drawstring before lanolising it, but I wanted to get pics for my customer :D Hope she likes it! I love it, love the picot edging and the colours of the yarn she chose.

Hanna's Chocolate Coloured Candy Skirtie!
Hanna's Chocolate Coloured Candy Skirtie!

I now have my first custom through the shop to complete, and then I'll be doing some night time and day time shorties for Carter before offering another custom spot in the shop (although I have a space for a certain Gothika skirtie whenever the customer is ready :P). I will also be taking part in the 'Buy British' Month this June that is going to be featured on CNA, so keep an eye for that! I have at least one collab in the making fingers crossed :D


Jun. 20th, 2008 02:11 pm (UTC)
I finished them before we went to Scotland, which is a good job because I haven't touched a needle since we got back! I should post some pics :)

I love the fruit coulis skye, and Juno loves anything thats green or light blue so you have heaps there that would be great. So um, surprise me! :D Any time is great :)