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whatlisamade's Journal

What Lisa Made - Crochet and Knits for babes
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What Lisa Made is a community for updates of my knitting/crocheting WAHM business, and customers

I am starting a little WAHM business knitting and crocheting wool covers to go over cloth nappies, I make longies (trousers) and Shorties (shorts) currently, the pattern I use for knitted longies and shorties is the Belladonna Designs pattern modifed by myself, and I crochet using any of the patterns for Shorties, longies, skirties, soakers etc. by Ladybugz Farm.

I am a 24 year old Mum of two, my youngest, Carter, is who started my love of wool and he sports many of my items himself. I am trying to make a little extra money, at first it will all go back into the business and as I develop it will be to contribute towards our everyday family life. I am based in the UK but am more than happy to take orders from international customers and mail them out to you wherever you are.

This community is for me to post new yarns, finished items and updates on custom spots, as well as for my customers to post photos of their babies wearing their items - I looooove to see babies sporting my handmade covers!

My online store is now open and can be found here

My updates on custom orders and waiting list can be found here