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Wooohooo finished objects finally!

The end of May and beginning of this month have so far been a nightmare for me, a lot of personal and family related problems, topped off with a scissor happy five year old who destroyed yarn i was working with so I had to wait for more to arrive meant that this skirtie has taken a lot longer than I would've liked, totally worth it though! I finally finished up the pair of Parakeet shorties I've had on my needles for well over a month for Carter as well, so now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and get on with the rest of my workload.

I've also updated my custom progress list and waiting list here

(not the best photos as today has been very dull and cloudy)
Gothika Skirtie

Another shot of the skirtie and Parakeet ShortiesCollapse )

Sneaky peek!

June is Buy British Month!! In cahoots with Cloth Nappy Addicts I will be taking part in this fabulous promotion to bring you some new products this month only.

We aim to give you more of what YOU are asking for right here in the UK, rather than you needing to look abroad for tempting things and spending more money on shipping and customs charges. We want to show you just how talented and able us WAHMs really are here in the UK and that we can produce beautiful things just like the US and other countries!

Special offers and new ranges abound for many of us UK WAHMs this upcoming month - why not check out CNA and see what everyone else is offering too?

Little sneaky peek of some of the new products I'll be stocking this monthCollapse )

In addition to the above things, I am going to be stocking some custom magnets - magnets with your photos on them (or a funny slogan if you prefer etc.), I will happily do some minor editing to the photograph as well :D First one will cost about £3-4 (need to work it out properly) and subsequent ones will cost a little less as I won't need to edit the same photo again :D

check out an example of photo magnets!Collapse )

Also to come, headbands for Mums (and possibly matching ones for your little girls), plus two VERY exciting collaborations with other UK WAHMS especially for boys!

Look what I've been working on!

Look what I've been working on!
This and much more is due to be stocked in the shop on 1st June ;)

have something you would like to see? feel free to comment and i will see what i can do!

'Goblin' Custom Shorties

Shorties for my first customer through the shop :D Very pleased with these, I am also making Carter a pair in the same yarn by babylonglegs on BFL. Beautiful stuff!

'Goblin' crocheted shorties

Customs Progress and Waiting List

I will keep this list updated as much as possible and will link to it from the community userinfo, please contact me either by leaving a comment here or through my shop if you would like to go on the waiting list, I'd like to keep it to a maximum of three orders however to prevent me from getting overwhelmed. Customs in progress aren't regarded as part of my waiting list since they are being worked on.

Customs in progress:
Evelyn's Gothika Skirtie - Complete, need to post tomorrow.
Weenotions Dragons collab with BLL - 40% complete
Sophie's skirtie - Yarn wound and ready to start

Waiting List:
I've finally gotten Erica's shorties all finished up, they're fab! I love the ruffles so much, and the yarn that the customer dyed for them is just lovely for this great weather we're having.

Erica's ruffly shorties, ready to post tomorrow!Collapse )

I've also almost finished up my first skirtie, also my first almost custom (I knocked a bit off as it was my first attempt at the Ladybuz Carnation skirt pattern). Just need to weave in the ends and finish up the drawstring before lanolising it, but I wanted to get pics for my customer :D Hope she likes it! I love it, love the picot edging and the colours of the yarn she chose.

Chocolate Coloured Candy Skirtie!Collapse )

I now have my first custom through the shop to complete, and then I'll be doing some night time and day time shorties for Carter before offering another custom spot in the shop (although I have a space for a certain Gothika skirtie whenever the customer is ready :P). I will also be taking part in the 'Buy British' Month this June that is going to be featured on CNA, so keep an eye for that! I have at least one collab in the making fingers crossed :D

What Lisa Made is now open!

Wahoooo! I am very excited :D I have sent out a newsletter to all the subscribers declaring the shop open, and I've managed to get another pair of shorties uploaded to the store, crocheted in 100PureWool's 'Warm Ice' colourway (I had a hard time parting with this yarn lol).

01'Warm Ice' Shorties

Harley will draw the Grand Opening Gift Winner in the next couple of hours and I will update with the results!

Update for Blottedcopybook

Hope the birthday girl has had a good day Vonnie!

Anyhow, I have finished one of the legs on Erica's shorties, and decided to try out a crochet ruffle instead of good ole moss stitch, if you don't like it then let me know and I can rip it out no problem :)

Crochet ruffle

However, I am scarily running out of her main colourway, should be enough to finish the other leg but it leaves me concerned about Nairn's shorties as obviously his are bigger, any ideas there? Would you like some striping or to try another yarn altogether?

Yarn for the shop!

The lovely Sarah from BabyLonglegs has sent me a photograph of the yarn I have coming for the shop!!! It's all absolutely gorgeous! Even better is that I get to meet her to collect it in person :D Couldn't resist sharing it here with you all!

My yarn flower from Babylonglegs

How talented is she! the ones in the middle are the trims for the yarn :D


What Lisa Made Order Progress

Custom Orders Progress:

Medium tester for Vonnie - yarn wound up and ready to start
Large tester for Vonnie - yarn wound up and ready to start
Hanna's Custom - Yarn wound ready

Carter's summer wardrobe to be completed:

2 night time shorties
Parakeet shorties
Goblin Shorties

Other works in progress:

Shadow's trade items: 30% complete - Two mugs complete, one more to go and three apples!
Grand Opening Surprise Gift: Not yet started
Knit shorties for shop opening; Hopefully will get around to these.